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Should I Hire an Electrician For a Hot Tub Installation?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Should I Hire an Electrician For a Hot Tub Installation? It's all over the internet, articles that say how easy it is to DIY a hot tub wiring, or why you don’t need an electrician to do this. But, a hot tub installation is not an easy task. Wiring a hot tub can have all kinds of details you can’t possibly foresee. Sometimes an upgrade of your electrical service might be needed to accommodate the power load the hot tub needs. If you’re still not sure about the best way to proceed with it, take a look at the hazards of DIY hot tub installation. It can be quite shocking.

New hot tub install


Bonding Mistakes

When you combine metal components, water, and electricity it can be very dangerous. This is why the current that carries the metal parts has to properly be bonded electrically together and bonded back to the electrical panel by a licensed electrician. Carelessness can lead to a short or a wiring problem. It can also result in electrocution and shock for hot tub users.

GFCI Protection

Any outdoor electrical outlet, more so when it is close to the water includes GFCI protection (ground fault circuit interrupter). In case of an electrical short, the GFCI protection will quickly disconnect the hot tub from any electrical supply. If you don’t install a GFCI or don’t install it correctly, fatal electrocution is at risk.

Grounding Accidents

On the same subject, the wiring of the hot tub must be grounded, that way it allows the electricity to be channeled safely into the earth in case of an emergency. If you don’t do this you can put yourself and your guests at risk of a sudden electrical hazard.

Tripping The Breaker

If you turn on the hot tub and the breaker trips immediately, there is a problem. This could simply be because there is a little bit of moisture in the system or just normal wear and tear.

Or worse, it could be something like improper connections or loose wires done by an amateur who thought they could wire a hot tub.

This is a very high risk of hazardous conditions and even electrical fires. If your breaker trips, it is because it’s trying to tell you something is wrong. Listen to it!


Electrical Codes

A licensed electrician is experienced and trained to follow the most complex electrical codes. This allows them to install your hot tub in a way that will be both safe and pass all electrical inspections.


If the worst does happen and a hot tub-related electrical issue causes an accident, your insurance company will want to see a certificate proving that your hot tub installation passed an electrical inspection. If you skipped this part of the installation process, your chances of getting compensation from the insurance are very unlikely.

Even if the circumstances were not that tragic, your insurance company may order an electrical inspection of your house. If this happens, make sure your home wiring, including the hot tub, is 100% professional and safe.

Trained Pros

Let’s rephrase the question “Should I hire an electrician for a hot tub installation? And ask instead “Who would I prefer to trust with my own safety?”. The answer is a licensed, trained professional electrician and not an amateur following a YouTube tutorial.


Enjoy your hot tub safely! Hire one of our professional licensed electricians at Super Electric. For more information call us at (775)230-7006!

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