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Do Ceiling Fans Save You Money?

Do ceiling fans save you money? Cooling costs account for a large part of residential energy consumption, so it’s easy to see why homeowners are always looking for new ways to lower energy bills without compromising their indoor comfort. To that end, installing ceiling fans in your home can help you lower your energy bills. If used appropriately, ceiling fans can help save on energy use and lower monthly costs.

Ceiling fan install in reno and sparks Nevada

How Does a Ceiling Fan Work? Ceiling fans work by moving air in a room to create a wind chill effect that feels like a cool ocean breeze. Unlike your AC system which actually brings down the room temperature, ceiling fans only move the air around, thereby cooling your skin through evaporation. But in the winter time, the direction of the rotation can be changed, so that the fans recirculate the warm air down and around the room, making it feel warmer. Therefore, ceiling fans come in handy both in the warmer months and during winter time.

How Ceiling Fans Help Your AC Ceiling fans are a great way to supplement your AC system because they help to circulate air throughout the room, which means your AC doesn’t have to run nearly as long to help reach the desired temperature. With both the AC and ceiling fans running, you can increase the thermostat by 4-5 degrees without losing any comfort. That means your AC will run less often, so your energy bills will be reduced.

How to Save Energy with Ceiling Fans

  • Raise the temperature on your thermostat by about five degrees.

  • Ensure your ceiling fans are installed in the middle of the room and at least 8-9 feet above the floor for optimal airflow.

  • Turn your ceiling fans off when you are away from home.

  • Install energy star ceiling fans—a professional electrician can help you select the right energy star ceiling fans that will improve your energy usage.

  • Repair failing ceiling fans as soon as you notice signs of trouble.

  • Opt for larger ceiling fans as they move more air.

  • Set the ceiling fans to spin clockwise in the winter.

  • Only turn your ceiling fans on when you enter a room and turn them off when you leave. Running ceiling fans all day, even when no one is around, will increase electricity consumption.

Is It Worth Installing Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are a great way to enhance your comfort all year-round alongside your AC system. On average, ceiling fans can help you save 4 to 5 percent on cooling costs when used alongside an AC system. If your energy bill is skyrocketing and you’re looking for ways to reduce energy usage, you should consider installing ceiling fans in your property.

Call Super Electric for Ceiling Fan Installation

If you need ceiling fan installation or replacement in your home or office, get in touch with Super Electric today. Our knowledgeable and experienced electricians in Reno and Sparks will ensure you get an expert installation at a competitive price. We can also help you choose the right ceiling fans for your rooms.

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