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Why Is My Breaker Box on The Outside of My House?

Why Is My Breaker Box on The Outside of My House? A breaker box, or circuit breaker panel, is where the main external electrical power connects to all the wires that distribute power throughout your house. Inside the box, you'll find all the breaker switches for different areas in your home. If theres a short circuit or overload, then the breaker box automatically stops to disrupt the flow of the current. This can help save the damage that can occur to your appliances and electronics. So, where is the breaker box located?

Wheres My Breaker Box?

If your home was built in the last 15 years, then your breaker box is probably located outside. If it was built before that time, then its most likely found inside in the basement, garage, kitchen, or a rarely used hallway. To find an outside breaker box, turn upward toward the sky and find the service head on your home's rooftop, where the electrical cable associates your property to the surrounding grid. The service panel should be found beneath the service head on the wall outside of your home or building.

So, why is the breaker box placed outside recently? According to your state regulations, it's required to be built on the exterior wall of your home. This allows the fire department to quickly access the electrical panel during a fire and saves them from having to go inside and search for it during a fire, losing precious time. You may need an electrical panel repair depending on the condition of the breaker box. An affordable electrician from Super Electric can help with that.

Electrical Panel Maintenance Tips

Its important to make sure your breaker box is always at its best performance. A broken breaker box poses threats to fluctuations and fires. Thats why its important to regulate everything thats happening and make sure there are no malfunctions in the panel. If you need an electrical panel repair, Super Electric has professionals that can take care of it.

There are several maintenance steps you can take to check on your breaker box. Before starting anything, however, make sure you are well equipped and safe to examine the electrical panels. Also, make sure you turn off all electrical appliances and electronics connected to the circuit you're planning on checking. Breaker boxes always have labels for each area of the house, so if your planning on checking the living room, unplug any electronics like the TV, for example, before starting anything. Once thats done, go to the breaker box and switch the breaker on and off three times, at three-second intervals. Then, plug in the appliances again and check if they work. If they don't repeat the process and try again. If the appliances don't work this time as well, then consider calling an electrician for a repair. It's recommended to turn off your panel at least once a year to ensure it's working properly and to prevent the switch from getting stuck. Follow these maintenance tips to make sure your breaker box and appliances are functioning at their best.

If you're having any problems with your breaker box, call Super Electric. 775-230-7006

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