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LED Lights: Pros and Cons

LED Lights: Pros and Cons. Lighting can be more important than you may think. Businesses, workspaces, and home lights all differ in the comfort and attention they allow. So, having the right light in the right environment is crucial. Throughout this article, we will talk about the ways LED lights can provide you with your needed lighting and the pros and cons gathered by our professional electricians from Super Electric.

Led Light bulbs

Purpose of a LED Light

Have you ever wondered why many people value LED light when it is supposed to give the same light as a traditional one? Well, LED lights are energy-efficient, meaning they last longer and are better than traditional lights. LED lights lasts longer and it uses about 90% less power compared to the incandescent bulbs, and increased energy saving.

LED Light Advantages

  • As we said in the beginning there are so many advantages of a LED light. In this section, let’s go over some reasons why people prefer a LED light.

  • You can easily control the brightness of an LED light based on your need

  • LED lights save energy and are environmentally friendly

  • You can cast LED lights to where you need them, not wasting light on other parts of a place

  • LED lights provide instant lighting compared to other traditional lights and they give comfortable colors that are set to all tasks

  • Lastly, they have a longer life cycle compared to the traditional lights

LED Light Disadvantages

  • Although LED lights do have lots of benefits, there are a few reasons why people don’t prefer them. In this section, let’s go over some reasons why you may not want a LED light.

  • LED lights are more expensive compared to the traditional lights

  • The level of the light that a LED light provides can be irritating to a lot of people. The intensity of these lights exceeds safe blue-light hazard limits for eye safety. Due to the harsh spikes of the white LEDs, your perception of a color may change compared to the traditional lights.

  • Although it may be very rare, if your LED light overheats from high temperatures, it may lead to a device failure and cause it to never work again.

  • Lastly, LED lights must be closely monitored, for someone has to measure the amount of voltage and current passing above and beyond a point at proportional levels. However, with the right lighting installation service, this will be no problem.

The Right Service, Super Electric

Having the right service talk about the lighting based on your needs is crucial, for it affects the way one is focused or comforted. That is why Super Electric has dedicated itself to providing a service that fits all of your needs. At Super Electric, with our professional staff, modern equipment, and dedication, your lighting installation has never been easier. Call us to contact our experienced customer service to learn about us or our services.

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