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Electrical Panel Maintenance Is Important

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Electrical Panel Maintenance is very important. On a Saturday morning, you probably want to wake up to the smell of coffee and bacon, not smoke and burning wires. Inspections on your electrical panel can prevent fires and protect your home. Super Electric is offering a whole home electrical safety inspection with a panel tune-up. That way, you can stick to bacon and coffee without the side of fire extinguisher foam.

Fused electrical panel change out

Electrical Panel Tune-Up

The electrical panel is the center for everything electrical in your home. During a tune-up, our techs inspect all breakers and bussing using thermal imaging equipment to insure there are no “hot spots,” or overheating connections. All connections are tightened and visually inspected for any damage, and then the panel is checked to see if it is properly grounded.

Panel tune-ups are recommended for units more than 20 years old and for units that have had previous problems with tripped breakers. Making sure your panels are in good, safe condition lowers the risk of a tripped breaker, electric shock and fires.

Whole Home Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical problem

Any electrical appliance or equipment has the potential to start a fire or shock you. With our whole home inspection, we’ll make sure all your safety equipment is working properly. Our techs will test GFI outlets, which are installed near sinks and other water pipes, to make sure there is no risk of shock. All aluminum wiring connections and AFCI breakers will also be inspected to prevent overheating and the risk of electrical arcing, which can result in a fire. Also if you have surge protection, we will check that too.

Keep your family safe by getting a panel and home electrical inspection this season. That way, you only have to worry about burning your bacon, not your house.

Super Electric is here to help in the Reno and Sparks area. 775-230-7006

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