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Create An Amazing Outdoor Space By Adding More Outlets

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Create An Amazing Outdoor Space By Adding More Outlets. The Reno and Sparks area's restaurant industry’s reaction to the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that with the right combination of imagination and budget, you can create some really amazing outdoor spaces. To make the dining experience amazing. From heaters to tv's to all different types of lighting for the outdoor dining experience.

Amazing outdoor space by adding outlets

All of this begs one question. Is there any reason why your deck or patio can’t have the same comforts? The quick answer is, no. There is no reason why you can't create a space that is just as warm and inviting in your back yard. You’re just going to need some more outlets.


Just about every gadget you have in your indoor media room can be brought outside. So, why not enjoy movies, the big game or your favorite music under-the-stars on your own private terrace or patio?

  • Outdoor TVs: If you’ve walked by a sports bar with a high-budget outdoor dining shed, you’ve noticed that flatscreen TVs can go anywhere. But unlike bars that have to take their electronics inside after closing to avoid thieves, you can leave your wall-mounted professionally installed television out indefinitely on your terrace. Home furnishing giant Wayfair has numerous options for protecting your TV from the elements.

  • Outdoor Speakers: One of the many great things about smart speakers is that you can take them anywhere. Sonos systems, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s newly re-priced HomePod Mini speakers work anywhere there is internet. Buy a few. Plug them into your new outdoor outlets. And if it starts to rain, you can just take them in.


After two years of working from your kitchen, dining room table, living room, or (if you’re lucky) dedicated home office, why not take your laptop to your terrace. Just make sure that you have an outlet to plug your laptop into. You don’t want to lose power while you’re making everyone on your Zoom call jealous.


Your outdoor space isn’t just for the warm months. With a few outlets, you can extend your season in time for Santa to arrive. In addition to the deck lighting options, having a few extra outdoor outlets can give you the ability to make the season bright by adding string lights, electric-powered holiday decorations, or even a Christmas tree out for the holidays.


Since we live in a city where there is a rule for everything, it’s best to know the city codes before you start making plans. And these codes can vary depending on what kind of building you live in and how old it is. Also, review your proprietary lease. You may have one idea about what you’d like to do with your outdoor space, and your co-op board may have another.

Super Electrics has been performing custom outdoor electrical installations all across Reno, Sparks and Northern Nevada. We’re on hand for all types of projects—from the removal of existing fixtures to custom inside-the-wall wiring. We work with you to create a space you love. Give us Super Electric a Call. (775) 230-7006

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