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Certified Electrician vs. a Handyman: What is the Difference?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Certified Electrician vs. a Handyman: What is the Difference? When you need electrical service, you may be tempted to hire a handyman instead of a certified master electrician. Many homeowners choose this options because they want to save money. They may also have a friend who claims that they can provide the same level of service a certified electrician dose.

Handyman having trouble
The Handyman, Not So Handy

While this may or may not true, there are several practical reasons why a certified electrician is a better option. Let’s explore some reasons below. If you have any further questions, then contact Super Electric at 775-230-7006.

Residential Electrical Building Codes

The state of Nevada imposes electrical regulations and codes for residential electrical systems. The codes include the following:

● The Department of Labor must license a maintenance electrician in the state of Nevada.

● A maintenance electrician must have the necessary qualification, training, experience, and technical knowledge to properly maintain and repair electrical wiring, apparatus, and equipment.

While a handyman may carry these credentials, you as a responsible homeowner need to check the credentials of a handyman before you all them to work on your electrical system.

Only a Certified Electrician Know's the Electrical Codes

While a handyman may claim to be a jack-of-all-trades, a certified electrician works exclusively on electrical systems every day. They are experts at all types of wiring, panels, GFCI receptacles, and other fixtures or components.

Super Electric technicians stay current with all electrical service methods products, state and local codes, and the training necessary to perform all jobs. The work performed by a handyman cannot replace this type of skill and expertise in a focused industry. If you choose to hire someone who is less qualified than an electrician you risk putting you or your family in danger.

The professional team of Super Electric
Super Electric's Certified Electrician's

A Certified Electrician Can Guarantee the Work

A licensed an electrician can back up the work they perform because they know the difference between work that meets or exceeds industry standards and work that falls below the standards.

Super Electric guarantees their work because we have the training and skill necessary to perform any job at the highest levels anywhere in the industry. A handyman cannot necessarily stand behind their work.

You Cannot Legally Hold a Handyman Accountable

If a handyman performs work on your electrical system, and you experience problems after they complete the work, you may not legally be able to hold the handyman accountable for the problems you incurred. If the handyman does not hold a license or certification in electrical maintenance, then you may not have any legal leverage file a claim against that person.

Certified electricians are held accountable by Nevada state codes and laws regarding electrical maintenance. Therefore, if something goes wrong, you can legally hold the electrician accountable for the work.

electrical maintenance laws

Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire an electrician who can legally perform work on your electrical system.

Certified Electricians in Reno & Sparks, Nevada.

Don’t take chances with something as serious as your electrical system. Hire a Super Electric technician to perform all the necessary maintenance in your home. We offer electrical inspections, repairs, and full system replacement.

To find out more about our services to schedule an inspection or repair, call us at 775-230-7006

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