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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

8 WINTER ELECTRICAL SAFETY TIPS. There’s no denying the fact that the average electricity consumption of person significantly increases over the frigid winter months of the year. Due to excessive use, it is easy for people to let their guard down when it comes to electrical safety which may result in injuries and damage to property. It is crucial to remain extra vigilant during winter to avoid such mishaps.

Electrical outlet in the snow

With winter there can be other problems that may arise due to snowfall, strong winds, and heavy rains. Accidents related to electricity are more often than not have fatal consequences along with heavy financial repercussions. This is exactly why we suggest that you prevent any such incidents by taking a few precautions that will ensure you and your family remain safe.

As winter is already here in full swing, you must be super alert while operating heavy appliances and anything related to electricity. We advise you to perform simple tasks like checking the overhead electrical lines for clearance to make sure that the electrical panels are covered adequately. This will help you protect your home from any power surges and other hazards caused due to electrical accidents. In this article, we have compiled a list of few tips to ensure a safe and secure winter as far as any electricity related accidents are concerned. These can range from fluctuations, short circuits to power outages caused due to rain or snow.

With winter being the most popular holiday of the year, make the best of it by following these tips,

  1. Crimped extension cords and flickering of lamps are a tell-tale sign that there is a huge risk of fire hazard.

  2. All plugs, panels, and boxes must be covered well and made weather resistant. If water seeps into them, it can cause unnecessary complications.

  3. It is good practice to identify, mark and label all the circuits to be able to immediately cut power from them if a need arises. Time is of the essence in such situations as the situation can escalate quickly. By labeling all the circuits, you might be able to save critical time that may mean life or death.

  4. Never overload any power outlets with multiple cords. This can cause unwanted stress on that particular outlet causing them to heat up and disintegrate. It may even become a fire hazard and cause immense damage to properties.

  5. For those of you who have extension cords running under the carpet, it is essential to have them covered with childproof caps.

  6. If you have pipes that have frozen during winter, keep them from freezing this winter by using heat tapes. This tape will make sure that your pipe remains warm and does not freeze.

  7. Have a professional take a look at the wiring in your house to identify if it needs any replacements or repairs.

  8. To protect all your appliances from the frequent power surge during the winter, have a certified electrician in Reno & Sparks and Northern Nevada, who can install a surge suppressor. This will ensure that your appliances keep running well.

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