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Tesla Home Charger Installation

Charging your Tesla at home is the best and most convenient way to charge. You simply need to plug it in overnight while you’re asleep. A Tesla home charger saves you the pump trip stress that comes with gas-powered vehicles, plus you save money and time due to low utility pricing overnight. It is much easier to power an electric vehicle than it is to power a gas vehicle. Doesn't matter if the install is a hardwire charger or a Nema outlet we can help. 

How to Install the Tesla Home Charger

There are three steps involved in installing the Tesla home charger. They are:

  1. Start by Purchasing the Tesla Wall Connector
    The first step is to get a Tesla Wall Connector. You can purchase this from the Tesla online store, as this will not come along with the car purchase you make. It is advisable to check with a Tesla electrician to make sure that your home can support the charger.

  2. Schedule an Electrician Visit

    The Tesla home charger installation takes only a few hours, even though it may take a while to find an electrician, more so a Tesla electrician. You can schedule a visit for us at CLD electric. When we visit the site, we carry out an assessment and offer a quote for the installation.

  3. Schedule Installation 

    If you’re fine with the quote and accept it, then move ahead to schedule a day for the installation. The installation will take only a few hours, but we recommend you carry out the Tesla home charger installation right before the delivery of your EV because there may be a variance in delivery dates. While scheduling the installation, remember to forward the confirmation email for the order shipped to the electrician and then fix an installation date.


Buying a Tesla Charger. 

How Much Does it Cost?


Installing an electric car charger at home can vary in price depending on your electrical system and home charging hardware. It falls somewhere between $500 and $1500. You can get multiple quotes on the same thing, to give you an overview of the cost from different professionals. However, there may be necessary additions to the installation package that may also affect the pricing. The cost covers:

  • Inspection

  • Installation service

  • Installation materials

  • Installation warranty

  • Additional costs:

  • Trench

  • Long wire run

  • Main panel upgrade

  • Additional sub-panel

  • Cable hiding behind the walls

  • Pedestal installation


Is it necessary to install a wall connector?


We highly recommend that you install a wall connector because of the convenience and speed of charging. However, this is not the only way to charge your Tesla; you can charge at universal type 2 stations.


Can you charge two Tesla cars at the same time?


Yes, you can charge two Tesla cars at the same time in your home. You will just need to install two wall connectors that can share power.


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