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Rv Power Installation

Rv power installation. It’s a shame that most recreational vehicles go unused unless the owners are traveling on vacation. That’s usually only a couple of weeks out of the year, if that. The RV isn’t doing anyone any good sitting in the driveway or garage. It just makes good sense to invest in a RV hookup for a home, mountain retreat or seashore getaway.


The motor home will be ideal for house guests or even as temporary lodging for someone that is struggling financially. It might even be a good place to exile a teenager or two every so often. Yes, a motor home hookup is a great idea, but hooking up an RV isn’t a job for an amateur electrician. Safety, especially fire safety, is never optional.


Hire a professional electrician to turn that recreational vehicle into a reasonably priced home addition. You can hookup a RV to your home. 



The first thing that RV owners ask is whether they can just run an extension cord from the house to the motor home. The answer is yes, but there are several important caveats. Although it is acceptable to connect an RV to a standard electrical outlet by using a short, weatherproof extension cord, it would be better, not to mention safer, to ask a licensed electrician to evaluate the situation. It ultimately depends on the rating of the home electrical circuit being used and the electrical needs of the motor home and tenants.

A better option is to hire a qualified electrician to add an additional wire to the circuit panel. This solution will work under the following circumstances:

  • The guests will be staying only a few days.

  • Only one or two people will be living in the RV.

  • The tenants will only be using low wattage appliances such as the television, light fixtures and refrigerator.




The best option is to have a professional electrician install a dedicated 50 watt circuit to meet the electrical needs of RV tenants. This is especially true if the tenants will be living in the motor home for more than 30 days or will be using major appliances such as a heater, air conditioner, microwave, dishwasher or hair dryer.


Most homes are equipped with 15 to 20 amp electrical circuits, but most motor homes are wired with 30 or 50 amp circuits.


Adding a dedicated 50 amp or 30 amp electrical circuit is the ideal way to safeguard the performance of RV appliances and reduce the risk of fire.


An RV hookup is the next best thing to adding a couple of rooms to a home or vacation getaway. Hiring a licensed electrician to install a motor home hookup will ensure that both homeowners and guests sleep safely through the night.

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