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Why Does My Electrical Outlet Spark?

Why does my Electrical outlet spark? There’s nothing more frightening than plugging in an electrical device and sparks start coming out of the outlet. While there’s a chance this isn’t a severe occurrence, it is advisable to consult a professional electrician for maintenance. Super Electric of Reno and Sparks has a team of experienced and highly trained professionals ready to help you diagnose and recommend a viable solution for the problem. We can inspect your outlets to determine if you need electrical outlet replacement or repair to mitigate further damage to your system.

Sparking Outlet

Can Sparking Outlets Be Normal?

You probably wonder if an outlet malfunction is typical, and the shorter answer is yes. However, it is difficult for an untrained individual to determine if the damage extends to other outlets unless you are a professional electrician. When your outlet suddenly starts sparking, we can assess, diagnose, and recommend the most effective solution before things get out of hand.

There are many reasons an outlet can spark, but it is always advisable to call a professional electrician before turning an electrical outlet replacement into a DIY project. The slightest miscalculation when dealing with electricity can have severe repercussions, compromising the safety of everyone on the premises. The last thing you want is to compromise the safety of everyone in your household by ignoring a sparking outlet.

What is Causing Your Sparking Outlets?

If you experience a recurring electrical problem, the outcome can be devastating, including tripped breaks, sparking, or worse, a fire. Sparks are a sign you need electrical outlet replacement or repair based on the severity of the damage. Here are common causes of sparking that you can avoid before hiring a qualified electrician for an inspection.

Overloaded Outlet

Technological advancements have increased the reliance on electrical devices in our daily lives. However, this has led to an increase in the number of electrical appliances in most homes. Overloading a circuit is common in most homes and often results in sparking or unplanned electrical outlet replacement. If your home doesn’t have sufficient outlets to support all your devices, we recommend hiring an electrician to install new ones.

Old or Damaged Electrical Equipment

Sometimes, the problem is not always the electrical outlets but damaged or old appliances. Like most systems used regularly, most appliances wear over time, becoming more susceptible to damage. This can cause sparking when connected to an electrical outlet, posing a safety risk to the user and the entire household. When you schedule routine maintenance with a reputable electrician, it is advisable to have your appliances checked.

Short Circuits

Another common reason for sparking electrical outlets is short circuits, which can melt the insulation around the electrical wires. This usually results in a short circuit, increasing the risk of sparking and an electrical fire. These are some causes to look out for before hiring an electrician for an inspection. While there are DIY alternatives to mitigate further damages, a professional should handle electrical outlet replacement and repairs.

Contact us at Super Electric of Reno and Sparks and schedule an appointment with our highly trained technicians. We guarantee top-notch electrical repair and maintenance at competitive market rates.

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