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Protect Your Home From The Dangers Of Old Wiring

Protect Your Home From The Dangers Of Old Wiring! Are you ready to dive into the electrifying world of home wiring? Okay, maybe it doesn't sound as exciting as a superhero movie, but trust us, it's crucial for keeping your home safe and sound. We're here to sprinkle a little fun into the topic and help you protect your humble abode from the dangers of old wiring. Let's get amped up!

Nobe and Tube wiring

Picture this: You're living in a cozy, old house that's seen its fair share of history. But guess what? The wiring is straight out of a time when electricity only powered a handful of light bulbs and maybe a radio. Now, in the era of smartphones, streaming services, and virtual reality gaming, your poor old wiring is feeling the heat—literally!

You might already be familiar with the signs of electrical strain. Imagine a wild jungle of extension cords and power strips sprouting from a single outlet like vines in the Amazon rainforest. Or perhaps the danger is hiding behind your walls, playing a sneaky game of hide-and-seek. It's like a mysterious electrical ninja silently wreaking havoc on your home.

So, what can you do to fight back against this silent enemy? Fear not, we've got some electrifying tips for you:

1. Fuse Box Fiasco

Take a peek at your fuse box (if you still have one). Fuse boxes were all the rage back in the day, but they can be a little temperamental. If someone installed fuses with a higher amperage than what your wires can handle, it's like giving your electrical system a spicy chili pepper when it can only handle mild salsa. Trust us, that's a recipe for disaster. To defuse this ticking time bomb, you'll need an electrician to rewire the old circuit. Safety first, folks!

2. Regular Inspections

Who doesn't love a good check-up? Make it a habit to have a professional electrician inspect your home every 5 years or so. They'll give your electrical system a thorough once-over and ensure it's up to code. Now, don't freak out if they find some code violations—your house won't be put on trial. Electrical codes typically only require you to update the wiring in rooms undergoing major renovations. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing your home isn't guilty of electrical neglect.

3. Super Electric to the Rescue!

When it comes to wiring issues, you need a hero by your side. Cue Super Electric! If you're buying an older home or have never had your wiring inspected, it's time to call in the pros. Super Electric will save the day and give your home the attention it deserves. They'll examine the insulation on your wires, making sure it hasn't dried out or started fraying like a worn-out superhero cape. They'll also keep an eagle eye out for any corrosion in the service panel and ensure no unlicensed work has been done by previous owners. Talk about super service!

The super electric team

Remember, when you decide to embark on your own wiring adventures (with proper caution, of course), always turn off the circuit at the main breaker panel. We don't want any superhero mishaps here.

So, fellow homeowners, it's time to take charge of your electrical destiny! Don't let outdated wiring zap the fun out of your modern life. Protect your home, ensure its safety, and call Super Electric of Reno & Sparks at (775) 230-7006. Let's keep the sparks flying in all the right ways!

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Membre inconnu
27 juin 2023

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