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How To Tell If A Light Switch Is Bad

How To Tell If A Light Switch Is Bad? Light switches are one of the most used components of electrical systems in residential and commercial buildings, but they are often neglected and taken for granted. Without proper care and maintenance, light switches can become damaged, leading to costly repairs or even safety hazards. Super Electric in Reno & Sparks understands the importance of well-functioning light switches and offers long-term solutions to ensure their proper operation.

Bad Switch

Choosy Light Fixture

One common sign of a damaged light switch is a choosy light fixture that does not turn on consistently. If changing the bulb does not fix the issue, it is likely a faulty connection in the switch, and it is best to avoid using the fixture until the switch is fixed or replaced.

Sparking Switch

Another red flag is a switch that sparks when flipped. This load arc occurs when the connection within the outlet is worn, and while small sparks can be salvageable, large sparks with an audible "snap" indicate severe damage and require immediate attention. Scorch marks or smoke are clear signs that it is time for a replacement.

Noisy Switch

A noisy switch is another indication of a malfunctioning component. Buzzing, clicking, or popping sounds are not normal and can pose electrical hazards. It is crucial to refrain from using the switch and call a qualified electrician to assess and repair the problem. If the damage is irreversible, the switch may need to be replaced.

Warm switch to the touch

Warm to the Touch

Lastly, a switch that feels warm to the touch is a sign of a problem, especially for a standard toggle switch that should feel cool throughout. Using a multimeter or hiring an electrician to test the switch can help determine if it is receiving excess voltage and if a replacement is necessary.

At Super Electric, we offer electrical outlet replacement, repair, and maintenance services to keep your electrical system functioning properly without breaking the bank. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our representatives and learn more about our services.

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