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GFCI Outlet Won't Reset: How To Fix It

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

GFCI Outlet Won't Reset: How To Fix It. A GFCI is something we use mindlessly every day for various things. From plugging in your hair dryer after a shower to turning on lights around the house, it’s a necessity we would suffer without using. However, there may be instances where something you plugged into your outlet turns out to not work, leaving you wondering why this is happening. Usually, you can reset your GFCI outlet and get back to using the electricity, but sometimes the outlet doesn’t reset itself. There could be several common reasons as to why this is happening, and Super Electric in the Reno and Sparks area can give you tips on how to fix this problem.

Resting A GFCI Outlet

What is a GFCI Outlet?

A ground fault circuit interrupter protects you from any leaks in the circuit. A GFCI monitors the electrical currents passing through the circuit. If there’s a power that shifts paths and makes its way into somewhere it shouldn’t, like a short circuit, the GFCI will cut off the electricity immediately, saving you from danger. GFCI outlets are required in high-risk areas like the kitchen and restrooms. They’re a great precaution for electrical risks like house fires, which is why it’s important that they function properly. If you notice a GFCI outlet isn’t resetting, look over the reasons as to why this is happening and call an electrician if needed.

What To Do When the Outlet Doesn’t Reset?

Check Other Outlets – Once you notice that your GFCI outlet is out, do a quick scan of any other outlets or plugged-in appliances in the room to see if they have the same problem. We also recommend checking the other rooms in the house to indicate where the problem lies. If you have a voltage tester, check to see if power is running through the outlets. If the lack of electricity is specific to one room, the problem may lie in the outlet. However, if other rooms don’t have electricity as well, it may be a good idea to check the circuit instead. Having an experienced electrician assist you will be a good way to solve the issue faster. Additionally, they can inform you if you need an electrical outlet replacement or any other solutions.

Bad Connections – Sometimes the problem may be as simple as overlooking a loose connection in the wiring or having a bad connection. Terminal screws, stab-in connections, and wires located at wire connectors are all examples of parts that can be loose. To check up on loose connections, remove the outlet from the box and check it. Take the necessary precautions before working with any electricity. If you can repair the loose connections, grab the help of an electrician or do it yourself at home. If the wires are beyond the point of being fixed, you need an electrical outlet replacement.

Understand the Situation – There are different circumstances in which different conclusions can be brought up. For instance:

  • When you press the reset button, if it doesn’t pop back out, you might need to push it in harder and try again. If it still doesn’t work, start scanning for problems that might have occurred with the GFCI.

  • If the reset button pops out when you’re plugging in something, the wiring for the GFCI may be incorrect.

  • If the reset button won’t stay in, then there’s a ground fault downstream in the GFCI.

  • If the reset button is popped out but you can still use your appliances, then there’s probably a reversed line, or your circuit interrupter could be defective.

Know What to Do

So, the next time your GFCI outlet doesn’t reset, follow the steps mentioned and make sure to take safety precautions. If there’s an easy way to solve the problem at hand, you can do it yourself at home. If it looks like you won’t be able to understand where the problem lies, call Super Electric and we’ll help you out. 775-230-7006

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